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Shepherd Farm

About Us

Shepherd farm located way up in the hills of Louisiana Township serves as a safe haven for many Liberians. Initially the farm was  meant to provide food for Shepherd School System and sell produce to bring funds to maintain the school and home for the less fortunate.


When parents and relatives of our students started coming in with heartbreaking stories, there was no alternative but to bring them in and share whatever we had with them. 


We grow corn, cassava, rice, and we also raise animals, Shepherd Farm is a place a widow can run to with her five children and be certain that they will be fed and taken care of. It's the place an aging grandmother can send her grand daughter and great grand kids and know that they will find more than just shelter and food!


At Shepherd farm life isn't just raised, life is found!   

Our Passion

At Shepherd Farm we are passionate about raising and growing what we eat. We believe going back to the soil is the future for good nutrition and sustainability. Our goal is to supply Liberia with healthy food, while affording many Liberians the opportunity to go back to the soil.

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