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Become part of bringing sustained hope to the Children and people of Liberia

Together, we can work to create an environment where children are educated, and do not sleep on empty stomachs; where women and girls are safe, and where the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached and people are given an opportunity to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. You can get involved by 


You can make a decision to share LRM's needs with your family, church or small group and commit to praying for the organization regularly

You can sign up below for more information on how to pray for LRM.


We all have gifts that we can use to help the orphans and less privileged in Liberia. You can volunteer as a teacher, sports directorr, computer teacher and many more.  Please contact us at dop@librm if you would like to volunteer. You can volunteer both within the U.S and in Liberia!


You can lead a fundraising event at your church, work or among your friends on behalf of LRM.  Churches can also host a sponsorship  Sunday and invite members to support some of the women and children of Liberia.


You can give a gift to help our work in Liberia. All gifts are tax-deductible.  To give please click the  "Donate" button. 

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