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Growing Africa's Leaders

LRM School System is the educational  branch of LRM. The Shepherd School System seeks to  provide quality  education for all children irrespective of  gender, social status, economic status, race and or nationality. Children have the right to be educated and we make sure they are. We currently operate a day and boarding facility that runs from pre-school to 6th grade for orphans and less privileged children in Liberia.

What started as a reading class for children in a remote location turned into a full blown reading program and ended as a school! The LRM School System has been a beacon of Light and  Hope to the people of the many neighboring villages in Louisiana Township. When parents pulled their kids out of school simply because they needed extra hands on the farm and just couldn't understand the value of education. LRMSS has so many success stories, from enabling students learn to read and write, to getting parents involved in the education of their children.


As we grew, we realized that the major problem parents faced was their inability to send their children to schools where they will get a strong educational foundation simply because they couldn't afford it. For parents who have little or no education or value for education, it was very difficult to convince them to send their students to school instead of the farms where the parents could see tangible gains. Eventually, we required only $500 Liberian Dollars as commitment fees for the entire semester and covered the rest of the costs. But we encouraged parents to get involved and they started clearing land for planting to feed their children in school and to contribute to the tuition of their children by rendering services to the the school.

Eventually word spread and we started receiving children from all over Liberia. These children came with nothing but sad stories, hunger and great need for a place to call their own. And today LRM School System has become a home to many, especially the less fortunate, the fatherless, the motherless, the unwanted and the rejected. At LRM School System we share the love of Christ, nurture, provide a family for students and educate them! The task is huge and the burdens grow daily, but knowing that we can be used to lead many to the loving heart of God while growing leaders who will transform every corner of this earth, is reason enough to continue doing what we do.

LRMSS  partners with Friends of Liberia Renewal Ministries (FOLRM), USA to  raise support and awareness about LRM's work.  You can learn more about FOLRM below.


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